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There are more than 80 museums in Munich. We have listed the most interesting museums on this page. A complete list you will find here.
Residenz Museum and Treasury
The former palace of the Bavarian electors and kings. Splendid rooms from the renaissance, rococo, neo-classical periods.
Entrance from Max-Joseph-Platz 3
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Cuvilliés Theater
The finest theater in rococo style in the world, designed by rococo master architect Francois Cuvilliés in 1753.
Entrance from the Fountain Court of the Residenz.
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Nymphenburg Palace, Park and Marstallmuseum
Main palace with the famous Gallery of Beauties, three park palaces and a collection of Royal couches and sleighs.
Tram 17 from the main station to tram stop Nymphenburg.
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Bavarian National Museum
Bavarian artworks, furniture, clothes from the middle ages to the art nouveau period. World-famous collection of cribs.
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Deutsches Museum
The largest technical and scientific museum in the world. The interactive exhibits make it to a gigantic playground.
Museumsinsel 1
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The Old Pinakothek
World-famous collection of paintings from the 14th through the 18th centuries - Dürer, Rembrandt, Rubens, da Vinci.
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The New Pinakothek The museum is closed for renovation
German art from the 19th century and an excellent collec-tion of French Impressionists from the 19th century.
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The Pinakothek of Modern Art
Modern art of the 20th century (Picasso, Warhol), museums of architecture, design, graphic arts are also integrated.
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Museum Brandhorst
Museum with more than 700 works of modern and con-temporary art of the Udo and Anette Brandhorst Collection.
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