Auer Dult

Three times a year

The Auer Dult ist a traditional market, first time hold in 1310. The name "Dult" is derived from the an old german word meaning "observance", because it was originally a fair with a ecclesiasistical celebration, but that is forgotten in the meantime. "Auer" refers to its location in Munich's borough "Au".

There are three Dult-Events a year: the Maidult in spring, the Jakobidult in summer and the Kirchweihdult (Kermis Dult) in autumn.

Auer Dult contains three sections: market, entertainment and beer garden feeling.

The market is good frequented by local treasure-hunters but also interesting for Munich visitors. At hundreds of stalls in 4 lanes one can find real antiques and rarities, for example rare books, old paintings and prints, jewellery, gramophones, music instruments, also second hand lederhosen or dirndl. Here is also Europe's largest market for tableware and all kinds of pots and pans. On the edge of the fairground dealers praise new-fangled household products as "kitchen marvels".

Young and old children are more interested in the nostalgic fun-rides in eastern part of the area, the old merry-go-rounds, the bumper cars, the boat-like-swings. Das "Russenrad" from 1925 is the precursor of the later "Riesenrad" (big dipper). Very young children can enjoy horseback riding or the famous "Kasperl von der Au", a puppet show. The Auer Dult is aimed deliberately on traditional fun-rides and attractions, "faster, higher, crazier" is typical for the Oktoberfest.

After all the shopping and entertainment, there is nothing like a good Bavarian beer. Two beer gardens on the eastern edge invite the guests to squench the thirst. Offered is also tradional Bavarian food such as "Hendl" (chicken) or fish-on-a-stick.

  Fair dates in 2024
  Maidult April 27 - May 5
  Jakobidult July 27 - August 4
  Kirchweihdult October 19 - October 27

Photos © Rolf Gross für "München Erleben"